9 Easy Ideas to Enhance the Security of Your Home

security of your home

October 30, 2021

Upgrading the security of your home not only gives you peace of mind but it can add to the overall impression of the property when you decide the time has come to sell.

Owners who have applied security solutions usually receive favourable responses from buyers as it minimises the cost of home insurance.

Remember, burglars usually focus on easy targets. So, here are nine tips to help you keep them away.

1. First impression

 A lockable gate with a security intercom sets the scene for a quality home.

2. Secure the entry

 A steel security screen door can complement a security camera in the eaves and a video doorbell. Camera systems are available for less than $300. Video doorbells can be found in local hardware stores. 

3. Door locks

Digital door locks are becoming increasingly popular and can be bought for less than $500. Once installed, you can throw away those pesky keys and enter via a PIN code.

4. Key safe

 If you’re in the habit of hiding a spare key under a flowerpot, stop doing that. A key safe located near the door is a cheap and sensible solution.

5. Door chain

 Buy a door chain for inside the house so you have an element of security when you open the door to a stranger. They cost less than $10.

6. Spyhole

 A tubular door viewer, like those in hotel rooms, is an excellent idea if you cannot easily see who is at the front door.

7. Set the alarm

 You can get a back-to-base alarm that will cost a monthly subscription. These services can reduce the cost of home insurance. But if that’s a little rich for your budget, you can fit alarms to go off when doors and windows are broken or eased open. Ask your insurer whether they will reduce your policy. 

8. Lighting solutions

 Motion-sensor lighting around the house is not only convenient but dissuades burglars. Make sure the darkest corners of your block are bathed in light. 

9. Garden guards

 Some elements of your garden can help guard against intruders. Gravel paths will crunch underfoot. Border plants with thorns, such as bougainvillea and roses are as prickly as barbed wire and easier on the eye.

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