Foxwell Realty now Powered by eXp Australia

Michelle Maschmedt and Jack Maschmedt are excited to announce that Foxwell Realty is now Powered by eXp. This means that we maintain our independent ability to help our clients the way that best suits your individual circumstances.

We now have national and global networks of eXp agents to help promote and sell properties, access to even more technology and innovation. Plus with eXp managing much of the administration, we get to spend even more time doing what we love best – helping people maximise the benefits of their property journey.

eXp is expanding rapidly around the world as well as in Australia. There are now over 62,000 agents globally, and fledgling eXp Australia now has over 80 agents. eXp operates “in the cloud”, which means that agents have access to the Australian and global training resources, compliance checking, contract administration, meetings, communications, seminars all online. Much easier in the modern world than having to travel to an office for meetings and to get the paperwork done. It also saves a lot of money on leasing office space which can be better used to look after our clients.

We are still real people who live and work in the north Gold Coast. And we still love meeting people face to face the old fashioned way. Give us a call to chat or to make a time to meet over coffee…

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