10 Ways to Gift Wrap Your Home for a Christmas Sale

sell your home for Christmas

November 11, 2021

Christmas is the season to be jolly, not for folly. So don’t rule out the logic of selling your home at the height of summer and avoid the crush of properties that typically go on the market in spring.

One of the many property myths that swirl around our market is that spring is not only the best time to sell but the only time – on both counts, that’s wrong.

Every season, and especially summer, has unique advantages. There’s no wrong time of year to sell if you’ve prepared your property and chosen a great agent.

The determining factor in helping you maximise the value of your home is the fundamental laws of supply and demand. When a wave of properties hit the market, you’ll find pressure on your asking price.

In summer, everyone prepares for seasonal holidays, and that typically results in a fall in the number of properties going on sale. That’s despite the fact buyers remain in the market, many of whom couldn’t find what they wanted only a few weeks earlier. Also, this is the time buyers are looking to move to coincide with the school year beginning.

Many features of a home, such as a swimming pool, spa and outdoor entertainment areas, play much better in summer than at any other time of year. Those in beachside suburbs could not have a better time to sell.

As an experienced local agent, I see many families looking to climb the property ladder in the summer months. With everyone at home and on holidays, people feel more relaxed and ready to tackle something as major as a move. 

Here are some key points about selling your home close to Christmas and in the New Year that will help you consider your options.

  1. This year, the pent-up demand for property because of COVID-19 means the spring sales season will extend into summer, keeping many buyers in the market.
  2. Summer sees many prospective buyers with time on their hands because of their holidays, and they’re more prepared to take their time to inspect properties.
  3. Great features such as a swimming pool, spa, entertainment area and lovely gardens are real deal-clinchers in summer months.
  4. It’s easier to be noticed by buyers in summer rather than be lost in the marketing noise of springtime.
  5. Buyers are often optimistic at this time of year and more willing to consider options for their future around Christmas – an enthusiasm for a new start in a new year.    
  6. A fall in the supply of properties in the summer months gives you a greater opportunity to hold your ground on price, thus maximising the value of your property. Be aware, of course, this works both ways if you’re buying your next home.
  7. Consider staging your home for a summertime sell. Light furniture materials, such as wicker, and bright colours for throw rugs and cushions, help enhance the wonderful feel of summer.
  8. Consider an upgrade to your entertainment area, and make it a real winner for prospective buyers. 
  9. Focus on the front of your home to make a good first impression. Keep the lawn well-watered and mown. Consider mulching the flowerbeds so that the plants do not dry out. Consider planting some shade trees to create ambience.
  10. Make sure windows, sills and paths are clean, as dirt and dust accumulates with a mix of heat and summer rains.

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