Investor Support Service

Much More Than Property Management

Foxwell Realty is a full service residential real estate agency – property sales and property management. We use our knowledge of the market in one area to benefit the other.  We use this knowledge to help our investors maximize the value of their properties and their cashflow, and to maximize the value of the services we provide to both investors and sellers.

Foxwell Realty has teamed with Lululiv in order to give you the best of all worlds – dedicated and enthusiastic Property Management specialists plus advice and attention to your investment goals and aspirations. While Lululiv looks after the miriad of daily details, Michelle from Foxwell Realty can help you with your current and future property investment goals.

Property Management plus Investor Support Services. Yes you can have it all, and for no extra cost to you.

What can we help you with?

You have decided to buy your first or subsequent investment property, or you already own one or more investment properties …

Ask us to help you at any stage of your property investment journey – before you invest, before you buy your next investment, while you own one or more investment properties, when you are thinking of selling/ divesting …

1. Narrow down your search

We know the North Gold Coast because we live and work here. What type of property is most in demand? What micro areas are most desirable? We can help you narrow your search.

2. What is the street like

When you are considering a particular property we can tell you what the street is like –  neighbours, more owner-occupied or more rented, how well the neighbours look after their homes, etc. Which schools serve the families in that street? Distance to public transport ….

3. Future developments

We are constantly on top of developments in the north Gold Coast. Do you want to buy a property next to the future Coomera Connector? Where is the next train station going to be built? Where is retail growing/ shrinking? Where are the new and future schools?

4. What type of tenant

When you are considering a property, or type of property or area, we can advise you what type of tenants are most likely to be attracted to the home – families, singles, groups …

5. Rent appraisal

A major factor in weighing up which investment to buy is what will the rental return be? What is the current vacancy rate for that type of property in that area?

6. Market statistics

We constantly update our statistics on vacancy rates, rental return, price growth, etc throughout the north Gold Coast.

7. Sell rented or vacant?

This needs to be assessed on a property by property basis. Some will sell more easily with a good tenant in place, others where vacant possession can be promised. We can advise you on strategy and timing.

8. Potential for Improvement

If you are considering adding to or improving your investment property, we can advise on what changes will appeal most to prospective tenants, whether the change will increase the rent achievable and future selling price (equity).

9. Tips and News

Get ideas and keep up to date with our investor newsletters.


What does this cost? Nothing.

Just call us and ask us to help you. Or let us know you would like us to get in touch with you.