Have you met a local Platypus?

Did you know that platypus live in the rivers and creeks in our area? Have you seen a local platypus?

According to the Gold Coast City Council, platypus – Ornithorhynchus anatinus – are found throughout the Gold Coast in permanent freshwater rivers, creeks and pools, both in coastal lowlands and areas such as Mount Tamborine and the Lamington Plateau. The areas include our Coomera River! – Platypus Watch

Platypuses are also known to live in permanent dams.

The Platypus is one of only two monotremes (an egg-laying mammal) in the world. The other is the Echidna. When Joseph Banks

Also according to Platypus Watch, the Platypus is classified as “common but vulnerable”. However, it is now considered vulnerable in the Gold Coast region due to the growing urban footprint.

People who have reported seeing local platypus say they are very shy and difficult to spot, and your best chances are at dawn and dusk.

Pity we don’t have a platypus viewing site like they do in Tasmania and outside Mackay.

Some more interesting platypus facts:

  • The males have a venomous spur on their hind legs
  • They have no stomach – the gullet connects directly to the intestines
  • When Captain John Hunter (second Governor of NSW) sent a pelt and sketches back to England, scientist initially thought it was a hoax.

My favourite is the Aboriginal legend – the first platypus was born after a young female duck mated with a lonely and persuasive water rat. The duck’s offspring had its mother’s bill and webbed feet and its father’s four legs and handsome brown fur.

Also, platypuses glow!

The fur of the platypus glows under a blacklight—a finding that raises questions about its role in these strange mammals. Platypuses are biofluorescent, meaning their fur glows a bluish-green hue under ultraviolet (UV) light. – National Geographic


A group of platypuses is a Paddle!

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