New Pimpama Fire Station and Your Rates

Pimpama Fire and Resce Station

March 20, 2021

The new permanently manned Pimpama Fire and Rescue Station was opened in October 2020. This is very welcome news for residents and homeowners north of the Coomera River because previously the nearest full Fire and Rescue Stations were at Helensvale and Beenleigh! With the rapid increase in population due to new housing in Pimpama and Coomera in particular, this is an essential service.

The Station is located on Cox Road, at the northern end of Pimpama and close to the M1. The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) states that the existing Rural Fire Brigades will stay operational.

QFRS announced a few days ago that ratepayers in the service area of the new Pimpama Fire Station will be charged an increased Emergency Services Levy in their rates. The residential levy will increase from $110.60 a year to $226. Is this service worth an extra $115.60 a year? Personally, I think a bit over $2 a week is well worth the peace of mind, especially when you consider that this levy includes the SES, Rural Fire Brigades and other rescue services which will be supported by the new Fire Station. Storms late last year kept the SES and other rescue services busy, and I am sure were much appreciated by those who needed them.

A cheeky question – has your insurance company reduced your premium because this new service reduces your risk with faster and more comprehensive help? It is worth asking.


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