Owning an Investment Property is Now Easy

With our unique combination of innovative technology and dedicated specialists, we are Property Management like you’ve never experienced.

Foxwell Realty is a full service residential real estate agency – property sales and property management. We use our knowledge of the market in one area to benefit the other.  We use this knowledge to help our investors maximize the value of their properties and their cashflow, and to maximize the value of the services we provide to both investors and sellers.

Foxwell Realty has teamed with Lululiv in order to give you the best of all worlds – dedicated and enthusiastic Property Management specialists plus advice and attention to your investment goals and aspirations. While Lululiv looks after the miriad of daily details, Michelle from Foxwell Realty can help you with your current and future property investment goals. 

Property Management plus Investor Support Services. Yes you can have it all, and for no extra cost to you.


Real Property for Real People by Real People

Find out about our Investor Support Service. We offer this service to help existing and prospective investors make the best choices and maximise their short and long term returns.

This service is no cost and no obligation. We do not promote one property or investment opportunity. What we do is provide advice and information to prospective and current investors about properties they are considering purchasing, or divesting. This one of the services we provide our property owning community to help them get the most out of their real estate journey.

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Dedicated Property Management


– Marketing and Advertising- Tenant Enquiry Management
– Tenant Verification and Screening
– Selection of a Quality Tenant
– Onboarding Your Tenant and Lease Sign Up
– Start of Tenancy Inspection
– Mid-Tenancy Inspections
– End of Tenancy Inspection
– Collecting the Rent
– Property Maintenance
– Trade Management and Quality Control
– End of Tenancy Negotiation
– Re-Signing of Tenancy Agreement
– Bond Management
– Ending a Tenancy
– Property Financial Management and Reporting
– Comprehensive Legislative Knowledge
– Property Compliance
– Landlord Representation at Tribunal
– Technology and Innovation


Excellent service relies on putting people at the heart of everything we do.

Why Choose Us?


1. Take Care of Your Asset

Tenant due diligence, property inspections, quality trades and a team that care. We do things right the first time and look after your property like it was our own.

2. Optimise Your Cashflow

Our team of experts ensure your rent is optimised from the outset and your income stream is protected. Our patented technology prompts Tenants to solve maintenance items all on their own, saving our Landlord’s $1000s.

3. Look After Your Tenant

We are there for your Tenants every step of the way with our simple onboarding process, quick response times and easy to access information.
We solve any issues that arise in a timely and helpful manner, allowing your Tenant to feel at home. Simple onboarding, quick response times and valuable information that is easily accessible.

4. Make It Simple

Our role is to look after you and your property. We tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. When you engage a Property Manager, it should be simple.

5. Energised Team of Experts

Our team complete Property Management tasks but aren’t Property Managers as you know them.
They are hand selected by our talent recruiters for their industry knowledge, love of people, problem-solving, customer service and their aspiration to make a difference.

6. Everything at Your Fingertips

Information on your property is organised and accessible 24/7 in your very own App. Enjoy receiving live updates, tracking your transactions and rental returns and seeing when your Tenant has paid rent.

7. Technology that Excites

Our team of software developers have created a world class technology experience for the renting community. Our technology saves you money and time, while keeping you connected to your property.

8. Succeeding Together

We love making a difference for our Landlords and seeing them achieve their goals. This is why we do what we do.

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