Save Money by Going Green in Your Home

Going Green is Good For Your Green

March 25, 2021

Save money by going green

You can save money by going green in your household.

LED Lighting

Changing your light bulbs to LED is one big cost saving idea. Don’t forget your ceiling lights, table lamps and bedside lamps.

Not only do they use way less electricity, they last longer too.

Water Leaks

Water is precious the world over. It costs money and resources to treat our water to be safe. Protect each drop.

Look for slow drips from taps and a trickle in your toilet. Don’t forget your outside taps as well.

If you can, install a rain water tank. 

You will save on water rates as well as protecting our dam water.

Free Solar Power

The government has incentives to help homeowners install solar panels. Some incentives mean no money upfront!

Check out your options and slash your power bill as well as carbon emissions.

As well as electric cars and solar roof tiles, did you know some companies are developing solar windows?

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