Willow Vale Real Estate Quick Stats


Median Sales Price

Houses $585,000

Note – the median varies widely from month to month due to the varied nature of homes in this suburb.  Buyers need to look at individual property attributes. 


Days on Market

17 days


On Market (4209)

566 November 2021

1006 November 2020


Vacancy Rate 4209

0.3% November 2021

0.6% November 2020


Average Yield

House N/A

Unit N/A


Median Rent

Houses N/A per week

Units N/A per week

Sourced from Corelogic, SQM and realestate.com.au. Stats are for 12 months to November 2021, except where stated.

Willow Vale Suburb Profile

Upper Coomera - Willow Vale populationWillow Vale real estate is dominated by acreage properties. Nestled in the foothills of the Gold Coast Hinterland inland of Upper Coomera and Pimpama, there is a variety of property styles – modern, rustic, vacant land through to luxurious. Some properties have views to the east and south over the north Gold Coast suburbs to the high rise buildings and night lights of Southport and Surfers Paradise.

There is also a pocket of suburbia in an estate that overlaps Willow Vale and Pimpama. This pocket is bordered by acreage and it is not unusual to see horses or cattle grazing beside or across the street from suburban homes.

Willow Vale is a great area to live in if you love horses or just plenty of space and privacy. Although you feel a million miles from anywhere, you are still within the Gold Coast City and close to the important amenities and facilities. While there are no schools in Willow Vale itself, there are several in the neighbouring suburbs of Upper Coomera and Pimpama.

When reading statistics for Willow Vale, you need to keep in mind that there is a pocket of suburban houses as well as large acreage. Also, for statistical purposes, the Australian Bureau of Statistics combines Willow Vale with Upper Coomera. For example, the median price for Willow Vale will vary depending on the relative number of acreage versus suburban homes sold. Also, the population growth in the chart above is mainly due to new housing in Upper Coomera, although there are new homes being built in Willow Vale as well.

Willow Vale is a great place to live if you want it all – acreage, privacy but easy access to work either north or south. Willow Vale is also within easy access to beaches, theme parks and boating. Nearby suburbs of Upper Coomera, Pimpama and Coomera have plenty of amenities, with more in the pipeline. Willow Vale properties have seen above-average price growth, and this will continue as more infrastructure is provided in the North Gold Coast region.

Investors News

The reported rental return on houses in Willow Vale is distorted by the huge range in house prices from luxury acreage property through to average homes on small suburban blocks. For this reason, investors need to look at the investment potential on a property by property basis in Willow Vale.

According to SQM research, the average vacancy rate in the 4209 postcode suburbs – Coomera, Coomera Waters, Pimpama, Upper Coomera and Willow Vale – in November 2021 was just 0.3%. This is down from a respectable 2.1% at the height of the pandemic in April 2020. There are reports of some prospective tenants offering more than the advertised rent to try to secure a property. There is a strong investors market in the North Gold Coast, whereas the rental market has become sluggish in some areas of Australia, particularly less lifestyle-friendly properties such as inner-city units in the major cities.


Willow Vale Developments

Although there are no major developments or events within Willow Vale itself, there are many changes and developments in the neighbouring suburbs which service Willow Vale. Please read about Coomera and Pimpama to find out more. This includes the nearly completed Pimpama Sports Hub which adjoins Willow Vale and Upper Coomera.